AdBlock Plus for Chrome Download

Friends, don’t you get frustrated and irritated from the annoying ads that pop up while surfing web or any website? definitely you will be. Some of the websites placed ads in such a way that if you click any link or even a page it just takes you to some advertisement which totally frustrates me and I hope you also have to experience the same. So, to overcome your frustration and irritation I have come up with Adblock plus for Chrome which not only block tracking, Malware domains, banners, pop-ups as well as video ads on Facebook and YouTube.

Don’t you get fed up with advertisers  blinking banners, pop-ups, video commercials? If yes, then just install Adblock plus extension for your Chrome and get rid yourself from advertisers infringing while browsing any website or webpage. Do you want more? With installation of Adblock Plus extension , it automatically activate the additional privacy and security features that is, tracking and Malware protection.Tracking feature will prevent any website to record what you were looking or searching in the web whereas Malware protection will give you a warning message whenever you visit some Malware corrupted site.

Adblock Plus for Chrome – Most Popular Ad Blocker

Adblock Plus has become the most used extension across the globe as every day Adblock Pus is used by ten millions of users. Over 300 million downloads have been reported which makes the Adblock Plus for Chrome, one of the most popular extension ever.  It consist of an integrated ad-counter which shows how many ads you are blocking on each page. The icon now opens a bubble that shows your personal “ad stats” that is, how many ads you have blocked all-time, lets you hide specific page elements and enables you to blacklist sites you would like to support.

Acceptable Ads in Adblock Plus for Chrome

Friends, we all are very well aware about that, the website owner get its revenue through cost per click on the advertisement that it placed. So to benefit them also Adblock Plus for Chrome do not block all the ads in a website as all ads are not bad. Unobtrusive Ads that are not attractive and support the website are not blocked by Adblock Plus, however it provides you with the feature of ignoring those Ads.

Features of Adblock Plus for Chrome

  • Block Ads
  • Acceptable Ads
  • Disable Tracking
  • Disable Malware Domains
  • Disable Social Media Buttons

Download AdBlock Plus for Chrome Free:

Below is the link to start your safe, secure and fast download Adblock for Chrome in Windows, Mac or iOS platform. Don’t forget to bookmark on your browser for trust, virus-free and reliable download of your favorite softwares from our servers.

Download AdBlock Plus for Chrome

(You may be redirected to the official Chrome site for free downloading AdBlock Plus for Chrome, you just need to click on the download chrome button to start the download.)