Adobe Reader for Windows Download

Adobe Reader for Windows is a PDF reader which allows you not only to read the PDFs but get integrated with your browser and allows you to print, comment and share document with lot of ease. With Adobe Reader for Windows, it has become now possible to open thousands of documents, forms or manuals.

Simple and Amazing User Interface

The user interface of Adobe Reader for Windows is simple as well as intuitive and interactive. It is loaded with classic tools such as text collection, zoom, snapshots, find, etc. which makes Adobe Reader quite intuitive and interactive.The latest version also includes advanced Tools (create, export, send and store options), Sign and Comment features. You can share iterations, comments and signatures by email or using the Adobe SendNow service.

Security Issue

If you thinking Adobe Reader for Windows is not secure to use, then think again as Adobe Reader comes with new Protected Mode which loads potentially hazardous items and code in a sandboxed area, isolated from the rest of your system. As Adobe Reader comes with lot of integrated plugins and extensions which makes it quite slow in its operation.

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Features of Adobe Reader for Windows

  • Increased security
  • Send files by e-mail
  • Sticky notes and highlight options
  • Full-screen reading
  • Accessibility options

Download Adobe Reader for Windows Free:

Below is the link to start your safe, secure and fast download Adobe Reader for Windows. Don’t forget to bookmark on your browser for trust, virus-free and reliable download of your favorite softwares from our servers.

Download Adobe Reader for Windows

(You may be redirected to the official site of Adobe Reader for free downloading Adobe Reader for Windows, you just need to click on the download chrome button to start the download.)