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AppCleaner for Mac is a fully uninstall application. As we know that unistalling application on Mac means like trashing any kind of file. You even need to check the Library and remove the application support and cache files. Here comes the use of AppCleaner for Mac that makes sure that all the unwanted applications or files  are removed. AppCleaner is very easy to use and its interface is self explanatory for the users.

AppCleaner for Mac is best application for destroying and uninstalling files that might remain uninstall during unistalling process. AppCleaner is very simple to use due to its search function that finds the application faster and then the SmartDelete will detect all such files and send them to the trash. You can even protect your those files that you don’t want to delete through the protect launched and default apps and 3D transitions.

AppCleaner for Mac has a feature of simple checkbox uninstallation that lets youbrowse through all the installed applications like applications, widgets and many others.  Earlier we talked about This version of AppCleaner is most effective or usefully as it shows all the necessary plugins  while Adblock Plus makes your browsing easier with no ads and other components which you usually have to just get into the depth of the Application Library inorder to search for any file.

Features of AppCleaner for Mac


  • AppCleaner removes plugins and its components.
  • AppCleaner also does checkbox unistallation.
  • AppCleaner has a smarter delete and protection
  • AppCleaner gives you can clear overview of installed application.

Latest Updates

  • Improve Mavericks support.


Download AppCleaner for Mac Free:

Below is the link for downloading AppCleaner on your Mac

Download AppCleaner for Mac

(You may be redirected to the official AppCleaner site for free downloading AppCleaner for Mac, you just need to click on the download AppCleaner button to start the download.)