Color Switch Tips, Cheats & Hack Guide

Today, with this tutorial we have come up with Color switch tips, cheats and hack guide in order to assist you while playing it. The game color switch is about taking your ball out of the obstacles. The most interesting feature of the game is that these obstacles change the color. And you have to match the color of your ball similar to the color of obstacle to overcome it.

While playing the various levels of the game color switch, you need to be very attentive. Your all reflex should be attentive at every time. However, sometimes, we are not able to cross some levels or struck in middle of the levels. So, solving this problem, here we are with the color switch tips and hack guide. This will help you in completing various levels successfully.

color switch tips

Color Switch Tips, Cheats & Hack

1. Have Patience while playing

Well, while completing one obstacle do not rush to another obstacle. Just wait before going to the next set. Take a quick break by tapping gently to stay afloat without moving forward. Some obstacles can even change direction or speed up or slow down. So at first move slowly, once you have analysed the scenario, speed up and conquer the level.

2. Tap Pause to save progress

The most useful trick is that whenever you feel like you are about to crash, just hit the pause. This will save the progress of the game. Even if you close the game, you can pick up the game from where you left. Make sure that after you un pause, start tapping otherwise you can crash with the obstacles.

However, if you quit the game, then the progress will not be solved. Well you need to practice two to three times as the pause button is located in the right top corner of the screen. Hit Pause and start the game from where you crashed.

3. Mute the music

The music of the game is awesome, however it can affect the tapping and affect the way you advance in the game.This is one of the most important color switch tips. In game you need to tap in a different beat and the beat of the music is different.So just put the music off and move in the levels without any disruption.

4. Other Color switch tips

  • Don’t get panic as it is a hard true fact that you will often die the first time when you encounter with a new obstacle.
  • In order to acquire victory, you need not to hit the color every time. As if you are lucky to get through the obstacle without touching anything, then it also counts as a victory.
  • Not able to overcome the obstacle? feeling frustrated? take a small break. This will improve your focus and concentration and you will be able to advance in the game.
  • The highest score of the game color switch is 999. However, the idle score over the Facebook page is 15. So try for it.

That’s it with the color switch tips, cheats. Use this hack guide and successfully complete the level and move level by level in color switch android game.