Download Handcent SMS for PC Windows or Computer

Everyone wants that their closed ones remain always with them no matter wherever they are, but because of studies or job either you have to parted with them or they went far way from you. But now, you need not to worry about this distance when Handcent SMS for PC is with you – one of the most powerful and customizable messaging app.

Download Handcent SMS for PC
Download Handcent SMS for PC

What is Handcent SMS for PC?

Handcent SMS for PC is an instant messaging app with which you can send unlimited text messages to your friends, family and loved ones. Now, you need not to worry about the limitation of sending messages you can chat with your closed ones as long as you want. Handcent SMS comes with beautiful user interface which makes chatting a really fun. Cloud backup for all your messages(SMS/MMS) as well as your settings are also there. For Privacy, there is a private box in which put your messages and locked it with password.

Features of Handcent SMS For PC

  • Beautiful user interface:
  • Flat UI design with countless themes and skins for you to choose from, find one that fits your style.
  • All themes and skins are available for free download from Handcent in play store. New Skins are added daily!
  • Full SMS and MMS support, support for all Android phones and all Android versions(up to 4.4 Kitkat)
  • Send messages without paying for SMS/MMS. A cross-platform service: Android, iPhone, Windows Phones users can all chat together.
  • Text on computers and tablets. Utilize the bigger screen and physical keyboard for faster texting.
  • Sync contacts’ Facebook pictures to be used in our app. (It replaces your local contacts’ pictures in the people app with their profile pictures from Facebook if the the name matches. You can also do it manually)
  • Set unique notification sound, style, icon and vibrate pattern and so on for each contact.
  • Cloud backup for all your messages(SMS/MMS) as well as your settings. You can even choose how often you want to back up. When you get a new device or reinstall our app,you can easily restore all your messages and settings. (You will need to purchase your Cloud backup service to use it)
  • Protect your personal information with Private Box. Use password to view and hide your messages. Private box can be backed up on the cloud using your Handcent account or to external SD card. (Stock Message app and all third party ones won’t be able to view messages you put in the private box)
  • Chat with a group of friends(MMS required. Its availability depends on your area, it’s fully working in North America)
  • Send Bypass your system’s limitation to send more texts at once. You can even increase the number of the text you can send by subscribing to our premium service.
  • Search contact and text in your inbox letting users quickly locate messages in a big inbox.
  • Share fun emoji and smileys with other Android Handcent users as well as iPhone users.
  • Additional emoji are available as free, downloadable plugins!
  • Anti-harassment feature built in with the ability to blacklist contacts, filter out keywords, and filter out numbers by prefix.
  • Support for more than 20 languages. (You are more than welcome to correct our mistakes and provide better translation) Support for the various messaging protocols of different countries.
  • Deliver SMS and even MMS messages at a specific time or regular intervals such as daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Share beautiful Handcent eCards with family and friends to mark important dates, such as holidays, birthdays, and to exchange avatars between couples and friends. (eCard is a standalone app in app store)
  • Messages over 160 characters to be split on CDMA networks such as Verizon Wireless.
  • Full support for vCards allows you to send, receive, import and export them with Handcent SMS.
  • Integrated spell checking and Message composition tools and etc.

If you want to play and enjoy the amazing features of Handcent SMS android app on your PC, you will be required to find a way to run these apps on your PC or Computer. These messaging apps are not originally launched for Windows Operating System or Mac, but if you use Bluestack Emulator then you can successfully play and enjoy Handcent SMS for PC.

Download Handcent SMS for PC
Download Handcent SMS for PC

How To Use Handcent SMS on Your PC?

For running any android app on your PC you must have an android emulator. There are various Android emulator available in the market like Andy or Bluestacks. However, I will suggest you should go for Bluestacks Android Emulator as it is one of the best emulator to run android games on Windows with amazing user-friendly environment.

Step by Step Instruction to play Handcent SMS on your PC:


Method 1

You can download Handcent SMS for PC directly from the link given below, one of the easiest way of downloading Handcent SMS on your PC:

Download Handcent SMS Android APK File Free


Method 2

Step 1: Download the latest version of Bluestacks android emulator from here.

Step 2: Insatll Bluestacks App player on your PC just like any other software that you install on Windows or Mac.

Step 3: Download Handcent SMS .apk file from the Bluestacks emulator by searching it on the search box of Bluestacks emulator and hit the enter and you will get Handcent SMS apk file.

Step 4: Click the android emulator icon and install Handcent SMS for PC. By clicking on the Handcent SMS app icon, it will launch your app and now you can run Handcent SMS app on your PC and enjoy it.

Download Handcent SMS for PC
Download Handcent SMS for PC

Method 3

Step 1: Download the latest version of Bluestacks android emulator from here.

Step 2: Install Bluestacks and open it just like any normal Windows software.

Step 3: Now, go to Google Play store account and login by using your Google mail Id.

Step 4: Search Handcent SMS on Google Play store

Step 5: Download and Install Handcent SMS on your PC and enjoy playing it.

Well that’s all!!! If you have any difficulty in the above tutorial, do reply in the comment box below. We appreciate your precious feedback.