Format Factory for Windows Free Download

Format Factory for Windows is a multi functional converter software which allows or enables you to convert all types of videos, audios and images with lot of ease and convenience. So, for any one across the globe, Format factory is a mush have converter as it is complete, powerful and FREE.

How Format Factory for Windows works?

For converting any video, audio or image all you need to go through column on the left hand side of the interface. It will give you the option of choosing whether you want to convert video, audio or any image as well as the codec that you would like to use. However, for converting videos, do choose the option “mobile device” as  it guides you in choosing the format according to the device you own. The most interesting fact about the Format Factory for Windows is that it allows you add files to batch convert for convenience. There is a ‘help’ option also in the interface which provides a complete help to the beginners about the features and procedure of using the software.

What more in Format Factory for You?

For making the converted files to play in devices like iphone, ipad, android, tv or any sound , you must convert the file in those formats that are supported by the device on which you want to play it, otherwise the conversion will be useless.With Format Factory, you also get some bonus features, including extracting the contents of a CD or DVD onto your PC, as well as an option to merge video and audio files.

Features of Format Factory for Windows

  • A complete conversion tool
  • Supports numerous file formats
  • Selection of batch files
  • Several additional functions (like combining video and audio)

Download Format Factory for Windows Free:

Below is the link to start your safe, secure and fast download Format Factory for Windows. Don’t forget to bookmark on your browser for trust, virus-free and reliable download of your favorite softwares from our servers.

Download Format Factory for Windows

(You may be redirected to the official site of Format Factory for free downloading Format Factory for Windows, you just need to click on the download chrome button to start the download.)