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Do you want to have some fun with the pictures, photos or images then Fotomix for Windows is a perfect tool for you. It is a photo editor which allows you to add people from one photo or image to another. Isn’t it’s a fun? Fotomix comes with a very simple and interactive interface which has been divided into five tabs, each having a different function and specific purpose. These five tabs are – Select background image, Select foreground image, Create a composition with them, Add up some final touches and Finish. With background tab you can crop, paste, flip, resize, rotate, change the tune of colors, add many effects and so on. Foreground tab also have the similar commands, difference is that when you crop a picture it stretch the dimensions.

How to Use Fotomix for Windows

First, you are required to select the bacground image in which you want to add the object or person, then from  foreground select the object or person that you want to add in the selected background image. Now apply one on another. Next step is to go to composition tab simply erase the redundant background. Then give “touch up” to the image in the touch up tab. Now the final outcome or the image can be framed or save in any of the graphic formats in which you want it to be.

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Features of Fotomix for Windows

  • No image editing skills required
  • Simple tabbed interface

Download Fotomix for Windows Free:

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Download Fotomix for Windows

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