Google Chrome for Windows Free Download

Hey friends today I have come up with Google Chrome for Windows –  The quickest and the smartest browser ever. Google Chrome by Google Inc. has become one of the most popular and most downloaded browser worldwide because of user friendly interface.

Google Chrome for Windows – The Quickest and Smartest Browser

The tagline of Chrome says ” The Quickest and Smarter Browser”. It is 100 percent true when it comes to reality.  Chrome is designed in such a  way that it provides lightening speed of browsing. The start up from desktop is very fast, pages  loads in a wink of an eye and runs web applications at a lightening fast speed. The popularity of Chrome has crossed has all limits. In perception of users  Google Chrome has replaced the word “Browser”. They have started using word such as ‘Google it’ or ‘Chrome it’.

Chrome for Windows support all the major technologies such as HTML 5 and Flash. You can say that Chrome has been designed as an operating system within an operating system through which you can run all of your applications. The most interesting and useful feature is that you can  customize your Chrome for Windows in tons of way such as by putting the extensions, adding apps and themes.

Easy To Use and Efficient

Google Chrome is designed in such  a way that makes its use easy and simple. To start Google Chrome, all you need to install on your PC just like any other software then open it up and go to ‘Sign in to Chrome’It will bring about the  bookmarks,apps, history, and other settings to all your devices. With signing in to Chrome, you can retrieve your password as it will be saved in browser, you can fill your forms as your history will also get saved and what not.

Now. you will be thinking what if your data will be hacked or stolen? No need to worry as Google Chrome will show you a warning message before visiting any website which contains Malware or Phishing. If you don’t want that your website visit or downloads get recorded, then go for ‘Ignito mode’ i.e, any cookies created while in incognito mode are deleted after you close all open incognito windows.

Features of Google Chrome for Windows

  • Thousand of extensions and themes
  • Exceptional performance
  • Incognito mode
  • Translation and integrated PDF reader
  • Data synchronization
  • Privacy management

Download Google Chrome for Windows Free:

Below is the link for downloading Chrome on your Windows

Download Google Chrome for Windows

(You may be redirected to the official Google Chrome site for free downloading Chrome for Windows, you just need to click on the download chrome button to start the download.)