HotBox for Mac Free Download

HotBox for Mac is a small preference plan that allow you zoom your screen anywhere and anytime. Only few of the user of mac know this feature of zooming there screen using keyboard shortcut through which you can zoom in and zoom out the screen. HotBox basically allow you to select and zoom a particular or a definite area that can be zoomed in and zoomed out.

HotBox for Mac is very easy to use for zooming your screen if you have a complete command on the keyboard shortcut. Not only that you can just zoom the screen but also can select to fade out the other elements or characters in the screen. Although this application is very easy to use still there is problem in configuring it.

Features of HotBox for Mac

  • Run with any keystroke
  • Goo use of zoom

Download HotBox for Mac Free:

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Download HotBox for Mac

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