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Mozilla Firefox for Mac is an open source and free web browser that offers fastest browsing on your mac with variety of features and different customization features. Mozilla Firefox has set up the bench mark for the web browsing websites. Mozilla Firefox performance is considered to be the best but doesn’t take into account the privacy of the users.

Mozilla Firefox for Mac is considered to be the best browsing website among all the websites in terms of its performance, reliability, flexibility and features. It offers all the necessary features that you need for browsing the web inorder to make your search as smooth as possible. The biggest reason for the success of the Mozilla Firefox for Mac is its highly customized interface. As it provide facility like numerous customization options that are completely tailor made.

Features of Mozilla Firefox for Mac

  • Mozilla Firefox offers several in-built features that can be extended via the vast catalog of extension.
  • Tabbed browsing that is the one way customizing the browsing.
  • Mozilla Firefox has an integrated search engine that is easily customized for the users.
  • In Mozilla Firefox to get more customized in this you need to access to the Google search box and list shortcut’s like downloads, add-ons,bookmarks, synchronization, history and settings.
  • Mozilla Firefox has an additional feature of spell check,  navigation with geotagging, built-in PDF reader and much more.
  • Mozilla Firefox also takes care of the privacy of the user through its pop-up blocker, an anti-phishing filter etc.
  • Mozilla Firefox has huge number of themes that are made available that make your firefox more organized than ever before.


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Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac Free:

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Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac

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