Nikon Capture NX for Mac Free Download

Nikon Capture NX for Mac is an application through which you can edit any image taken through Nikon camera. Nikon Capture NX is a fully professional application full of surprises. It is of the professional photography application that has a lot of Color Control points feature that allow users to select or adjust the selected area without making use of any layer masks.

Nikon Capture NX for Mac is created with the perception of design and image recreation. Nikon Capture NX is non-destructive photo editing application as it edit images from its image editing tool box.

Features of Nikon Capture NX for Mac


  • Precision enhancement tools
  • Edits in JPEG and TIFF formats
  • Professional but easy to use


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Latest Updates


  • Compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.6.2 has been added.
  • Specifications have been modified so that when 25 Photos on Page, or a higher number of photos per page, is selected for Select Layout in the Print layout dialog, the Use Thumbnail Data (Draft Use Only) box is automatically checked.
  • This resolves an issue that prevented printing when 25 Photos on Page, or a higher number of photos per page, was selected for Select Layout.
  • Capture NX 2 would quit unexpectedly when certain settings files were applied with the Apply Settings box checked in the Watched Folder panel of the Batch Process dialog. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused Capture NX 2 to freeze when switching images after the Color Picker had been opened has been resolved.


Download Nikon Capture NX for Mac Free:

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Download Nikon Capture NX for Mac

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