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Friends, who don’t like to click photos of the most special moments of their life? In fact, with Picasa for Windows, now everyone loves to click photos with their loved ones and want to keep them so that they can live their past moments again and again and smile happily to see those moments. So, what everyone does either they kept those photos in the photo album or save them in their desktop. When it comes to saving photos in desktop what we used to do is make a folder and just store them. Don’t you have ever think of arranging them in such a way that more liveliness is added to those special moment pics. So, here I have come up with one of the best photo editing tool, that is Picasa for Windows.

Picasa for Windows is a photo managing tool with which you can manage, edit and share photos with lot of ease. Picasa software has been developed by Google Inc, (who had also developed Google Chrome) so you can imagine the quality and creativity about the software.

Show your Creativity with Picasa for Windows

With Picasa for Windows, show your creativity in arranging your photos, you can title each image i.e, you can tag each photo with which you can easily sort the photos including adding the location in which the photos were taken, or the people in the photo, so that you can easily find them. Crop Photo and cut unwanted people from your special moments.

More than a photo managing software

Picasa for Windows not only manage your photo but it also provides other features also such as you can create posters, montages, screensavers and even movies which makes Picasa software , more than a managing software.

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Simple and Easy to Use

Whenever you open Picasa, it automatically search your photos and organize them into visual albums by date with folder names you will recognize. Drag and Drop to arrange the album and make new labels to create a group. You can edit photos simply by putting one-click fixes and powerful effects at your fingertips. With Picasa for Windows, share your photos via mail, bluetooth, and much more.

Features of Picasa for Windows

  • Share with your Google+ circles
  • Upload Picasa tags on Google+
  • New photo editing effects
  • Side-by-side editing of photos
  • Handles everything from importing to sharing your photos
  • Interesting range of effects
  • Add tags to organise your photos
  • Additional features like the ability to create movies, montages, and screensavers
  • Online sharing features

Download Picasa for Windows Free:

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Download Picasa for Windows

(You may be redirected to the official site of Picasa for free downloading Picasa for Windows, you just need to click on the download chrome button to start the download.)