Download Plants Vs Zombies for Windows Free

Plants vs Zombies for Windows is an amazing game in which your main motive is to kill the creepy undead that is Zombies. Be ready for an interesting and scary encounter with the Zombies, they are waiting for you to eat up your brain and do anything to get to your house. You will be encountered with variety of zombies such as divers, dancers, rugby players and ordinary dead.

To survive in this world you have to follow strategies and tactics. In middle of the game there are many quests also with which you can earn points and use these points for buying new plant species or upgrading the existing ones. There are different modes in Plants vs Zombies for Windows such as survival mode – In this mode you have to protect yourself from the hordes of zombies for testing yourself that how long you can survive. In Zen Garden mode – you will be given the time for taking care of your plants.

For shooting down the zombies in plant vs zombies for windows you can choose from variety of flowers and vegetables such as shooting flowers, nuts to slow down your enemies, or mushrooms and daisies that will help you harvest points of light to use as currency to grow new plants. We have earlier posted in games section with Blitz Brigade and Zombie Smasher that are really thrilling and addictive games. All these plants will help make your home zombie-proof.

Features of Plants vs Zombies for PC


  • Fun and original game
  • Amusing graphics
  • Many different plant weapons and zombie types
  • Different modes


Download Plants Vs Zombies for Windows Free:

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Download Plants Vs Zombies for Windows

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