Free Downloading of Video Drive for Mac

Video Drive for Mac is an application through which you can the process of importing videos in iTunes has become very easy. As one of the drawback that we all users of Mac know that its problem and difficulty in handling and playing videos. Hence the solution to this problem is Video Drive for Mac.

Video Drive for Mac latest version now even supports all those features and application that all the users of Snow Leopard had been looking for and that is QuickTime X. The best feature of Video Drive is that it not only allow you to just have preview or look at a video but also can label it according to their ranking in IMDB and Amazon.

Video Drive for Mac
Video Drive for Mac

Features of Video Drive for Mac

  • iTunes
  • Works quickly and logically
  • Uses IMDB and Amazon to label files
  • Supports Quicktime X

Download Video Drive for Mac Free:

Well after giving you a over view of this amazing application Video Drive for Mac now we are here with the step by step procedure that will act as a guide for through which you will be capable of downloading Video Drive for Mac in your macbook.  As we all know by now that Video Drive for Mac has not yet officially announced or launched the Mac version of Video Drive by now therefore inorder to install this application in your Macbook you need to use android emulator.

Well before starting the process of installation in your Mac all you need is to look or search for the best android emulator that suits or matches with your mac configuration. But if you ask for my opinion then I would say or suggest you Bluestacks that is presently rated to be the best android emulator currently present in market. The most amazing feature of this emulator is that it is available for free.

So here are the step by step procedure through which you can easily download and install Video Drive for Mac:

  1. Starting with the first step, well you just simply need to download Bluestack Android Emulator and then install it in your Mac. Well here by just simple one click download on the link given below and you will be able to download Bluestack Android Emulator.

Download Bluestack Mac Android Emulator – Offline Installer for you Mac.

  1. Then once you have downloaded Bluestack Android Emulator in your Mac then there comes the next step and that to just simply click on the bluestack icon that is present or located on the your mac screen. By simply doing this your application will run this process might take some time during its initial booting. Once this thing is done the you need to look for the search button on the screen that is present on the left corner of the bluestack.
  2. Well in this step you just simply need to search “Video Drive ” by typing it on the search box and then press enter button and then click on the install button.
  3. Once you have accomplished all these steps then in this step the android emulator that has been already installed with come in operation and your bluestack android emulator will get installed automatically within few seconds.
  4. After installation of this bluestack android emulator then you will have to go through a very simple process as described below:

                                     Bluestacks ——-> All Apps ——-> Video Drive logo

Well finally we are through with this installation process and Video Drive for Mac is ready to use.

Just incase you find the above installation process bit difficult while installing Video Drive for Mac then here is an another option through which you can easily download Video Drive Mac without any error or difficulty.

Video Drive for Mac
Video Drive for Mac

Downloading of Video Drive for Mac through Android apk file.

Well here we are with the second way through which you can easily install Video Drive for Mac without facing any difficulty in installing this application. In this process I will try to explain about installing Video Drive for Mac by making use of android apk file. To give you a simple picture about this process is that you will have to download the apk file of Video Drive in advance in your Mac and later you can install it using bluestack inorder to bring this application in operation.

  1. To being with the first step, it is similar to the previous step of downloading and installing of bluestack android emulator in your devices. And inorder to understand in a bit better way you can even take reference of :

              Download Bluestack for Mac

  1. Now in the second step you need to search for the apk file of Video Drive in Google by just simply entering “Video Drive .apk” in Google.
  2. Once you have discovered the apk file you just need to download it.
  3. Just in case you are not able to download it or unable to discover the apk file of Video Drive even in Google then here is one click download link through which you can easily download Video Drive apk file:

Download Video Drive.apk

  1. Once you are through with all this i.e., downloading of apk file of Video Drive then over this downloaded apk file of Video Drive you will be able to see bluestack icon.  Then simply just double click on the apk file after you have done this it will directly guide you to the android emulator where automatic installation process would have already started.
  2. After installation process is finally complete then simply go through the following process:

                                                    Bluestack  —–> All Apps  —–> Video Drive

Well finally Video Drive  has got installed in your mac and is ready to use.