Whatsapp PC Download Free Windows 7/8/10/XP

WhatsApp PC Free Download : Hello Geeks and Folks, today with this post I will try to mitigate the problem of recently launched whatsapp web application. Whatsapp Web Client is just like a mirror to your existing whatsapp application screen of your phone. But to my surprise, whatsapp online fail to connect with users as they didn’t find it of any use as one gets connected to this client through your smartphone only. So, just for viewing whatsapp on large screen of your laptop is the only help you could get. But to use whatsapp without your phone is still a limitation as this web client is totally dependent on your working whatsapp connection on your smartphone. So, using whatsapp on pc from official developers is still under codification & reviewing phase. So to deal out better with this problem, in this article I would be teaching you about how you can download this cross-sectional messenger on your windows operating system 7, 8 or XP. We will also see its possibility to run on the latest version (i.e) Windows 10, launched by Microsoft.

Whatsapp is evolving each day with increased functionality to provide its users better experience. It was recently acquired by Mark Zuckerberg to safe the future of Facebook Inc. at large. Sum of $ 19.2 billion dollar paid by him to acquire Whatsapp, messaging application was result of its popularity worldwide. People spending more time on whatsapp pc then on Facebook could also be another factor. This messaging app provides cross-platform that has increased functionality of various smartphones which is available for android, iOS, Nokia and Blackberry etc. Now coming back to discussion, then if you are wanting this app to run on your PC, now continue reading below to download Whatsapp for PC.

WhatsApp for PC provides a simple, elegant and real time messaging platform with texts, photos, audio and videos mode of interaction. This interaction is further enhanced by use of numerous emoticons to make your chat more lively and mitigate distances between your loved ones.

With password protection, enhanced privacy modes, now you can go safe while using this communication app on your phone. With the below given features, we could try to see what more we could do with such apps.

whatsapp pc
Jan Koum – founder of whatsapp

WhatsApp for PC Features

WhatsApp provides unlimited text messaging between your loved ones with now calling feature. I used it for talking to my friends for hours without any voice breakdown. Whatsapp Calling provides clear real time voice internet telephony, but only thing is you must have working high speed internet connection. In 2g connectivity voice drop can be seen.

WhatsApp Calling is an add-on feature on Whatsapp to keep itself innovating to sustain in this competitive market. Whatsapp is trying hard to develop such features that could really add some great functionality and increase its usefulness to its huge users worldwide. You can also do whatsapp calling by downloading its setup and connecting through whatsapp pc.

Mark Zukerberg has promised to founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum who worked with Ernst& Young that he will keep Whatsapp advertisement free during its lifetime.

Whatsapp provides you to automatically connect with your friends from your contact list just by refreshing your contact list on the app. Thus, just so simple to connect with the world from your smartphone.

Folks, WhatsApp for PC is best application to switch from your traditional text messaging through network to cheap internet based text messages and calling uninterrupted without thinking of the cost. Just you need to bother is about your internet connection or tariff of your broadband connection on your computer.

You can start your whatsapp by downloading it for absolutely free directly from their store on your smartphone. But for whatsapp pc you need to go through below given series of steps to start using from your computer. Its initially free for 1 year to use whatsapp for desktop, then in next year you need to pay $0.99 dollar for another year. So, its like a subscription based distribution for this intellectual property to generate revenues.

All you need is a working mobile number to confirm the OTP message or through calling verification from whatsapp to start using it. So now with whatsapp for computer now i can easily share my photos and videos on my computer with my contacts. Thus giving me all new experience of using Whatsapp for Windows PC.

Methods to download WhatsApp on PC

As I told you in my earlier section of my article that Whatsapp Client for using whatsapp for pc is not much useful to the users who don’t have any smartphone or working internet connection on their mobile, so one can install it on their computer by using below method:

Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 7, Windows 8, XP and Windows 10 (latest)

  1. First you need to download whatsapp apk file from the apk repository available on the internet. We recommend you to download it from ApkWare.com which has great repository of android applications.
  2. You need to search on that site for whatsapp application by using their search bar near navigation area and just type “whatsapp” and press “enter“. This will give you search result with whatsapp apk file. From their  just download this file and save it on your pc.
    • If you facing difficulty in downloading then we had provided the attached whatsapp apk file below in the article.
  3. Now you need to download any android emulator on your computer. We recommend you to use BlueStacks android emulator. You can see the complete installation guide and download links from here – Guide to download & install Bluestacks.
  4. Now just start the Bluestacks application.

    whatsapp pc
    Whatsapp for pc / whatsapp for desktop
  5. Double click the downloaded apk file of whatsapp app.
  6. Whatsapp will install on your bluestack emulator and now you can start using Whatsapp pc.

So we had finished up installing whatsapp for pc or computer running windows 7 or windows 8 or windows xp. We will also try to see the possibility to run whatsapp on windows 10 later. So all you need is to stay connected.

 {Attached Download file for Whatsapp apk from apkware.com – whatsapp apk download}

Whatsapp for PC was successfully installed when we tested and used it on our computer while writing this tutorial.  Still in case if you  were facing any kind of problem then feel free to contact us in the comment section below and we’ll try our level best to provide you with possible solutions to your queries or problems within stipulated time. If you are satisfied with our article on whatsapp for pc, then do share among your friends about this awesome method with your friends on Facebook, twitter etc. for using whatsapp on desktop. Keep visiting us for more such article on DownloadThese.com like Whatsapp for PC or Whatsapp for computer.